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Established 1946

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Peggy Price

Gantner Gallery, August 27 - September 17, 2022

Artist Bio

As a small girl, my teachers, Catholic nuns, put me in the back of the classroom, literally, to allow me to paint.  Extraordinary women! 

Years later, I earned my BA, a block away from my grammar school, at Framingham State University.  Working towards my BA I also worked as a Media Specialist, much of that work in photography.  I pursued a master’s degree in graphic design, during which, among other things, I produced a large body of work in pastels, having studied Degas in depth.  Just few years later I discovered The Lyme Art Academy where I continued studying drawing and painting, with an emphasis on classical training.  I earned a Certificate in Natural Science Illustration from RISD, a continuing education program.  At RISD, as an intern at Brown University, I had the very exciting opportunity of working with a scientist, producing scientific illustrations, using a microscope to create drawings to support his scientific research.  

I became more exacting in my approach to making art. However eventually realizing I was missing something. I absolutely love color and decided to make the turn back to paying attention the color spectrum.  The concept of color is fun to talk about, look at, and paint with, and it’s what I enjoy most.

I have recently focused my energies on photography with an enthusiasm I had never expected.  I have no words for this new experience, I can only hope you might look at some of my photographs and enjoy them as I have.

I have taught drawing and painting to children, even once taught to a group of retirees at a camp. That was fun experience for me.   I have shown my work at The Danforth Museum, Framingham State College, New Mexico State University, The Lyme Art Academy, The Chester Historical Society, The Essex Art Association, Connecticut College, Brown University, The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, and several other galleries.  I have done work on the Niantic Boardwalk and have produced numerous illustrations for local land trusts and private businesses.

Possibly my all-time favorite quote is from the scientist Max Plank. "When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change." This  has been on my refrigerator for about 35 years !!