Essex Art Association

Established 1946

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Information for Exhibiting Artists

Entrance Fees

  • Elected Artist Members: $30 for up to 4 pieces
  • Associate Artist Members: $30 for the first piece and $5 for an additional piece.
  • Non-Members: $35 for first piece and $10 for an additional piece.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable and may be tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Entry Form
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Recent pieces (not shown before in EAA Gallery) in any medium, including computer generation and photography. No direct copies, giclees, crafts, commercially produced works or usage of other artists’ works will be accepted.

Framing and Display
All pieces must be suitably framed and wired for hanging. Canvas paintings must be wired or have intentionally-designed edges if not framed. No "wet" paintings will be accepted. Works on paper must be under glass. Artwork intended to be hung on the wall must be securely wired and may not weigh more than 25 pounds.

Artwork must fit the size limit of 40"x 60" including frame. Multi-tychs are considered as an individual piece and the total grouping must fit within the 30"x 40" limit.

Sales and Commissions
All works, except portraits, must be for sale. The EAA will receive 25% from all sales. Payments to artists will be disbursed when final payment has been received from the buyer. Selling artists may claim EAA commissions as tax-deductible donations to the extent allowable by law.

Essex Art Association is required by law to submit 1099’s to the IRS from artists receiving awards and/or sales for amounts totaling $600 or greater during a calendar year. Please note that this applies to awards and/or sales from artwork shown at any of our sponsored venues, including: the Essex Art Association gallery and the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club.

A 1099 will ONLY be sent to the IRS if the total payment to an artist equals or exceeds $600. 

Picking up Artwork

  • No works (accepted or unaccepted) may be picked up during the Opening Reception of any show.
  • We now allow “cash and carry” for purchased work, in which case the artist will be notified as soon as possible so they can replace the work with something similar for the remainder of the exhibit.
  • All unsold works may be stored at no charge during the season and retrieved on the regularly scheduled pick-up and receiving days, or during regular gallery hours.
  • Work left at the gallery after 5 pm on the last day of pickup for the season will incur a $15 storage charge per month. 
  • Gallery sitters for a rental show may not release works in storage from an EAA show.​

Liability Statement
The EAA, Inc. does not maintain insurance covering, and will not assume any responsibility or liability relating to loss of or damage to, works of art while in the possession of the EAA, Inc. By submitting works of art, each exhibitor acknowledges they have been so advised, and relieves the EAA, Inc., its officers, director, and members from any liability with respect thereto.