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Essex Art Association

Juried Show Acceptances

In order to apply for "Elected Artist" status, an applicant must be an Associate Artist whose work has been accepted into at least three separate juried shows within the past five years. We have put this information online in order to facilitate the application process for artists. Click on the link to access a pdf of the accepted artists for each show.

2017 Juried Exhibitions  
"Anything You Want" May 2017

"Weather, Whether" July 2017

2016 Juried Exhibitions
"Story Lines" - May 2016
"Where I Live" - July 2016

2015 Juried Exhibitions
"Mixed Bag" - May 2015
"Everyday Beauty" - July 2015

2014 Juried Exhibitions
"Less is More" - May 2014
"Cutting Edge" - July 2014

2013 Juried Exhibitions
"Focus" - May 2013
"Pathways" - July 2013

2012 Juried Exhibitions
 "Patterns in Time" - May 2012
"Fire Within" - July 2012