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Artist of the Month - Carin Roaldset

Artist Bio

Carin enjoys capturing beauty in unlikely places with the help of a camera lens.  Her years growing up on a Swedish farm, her city life in Germany, and years spent living in rural Norway have influenced her path in the art world. 

After her first attempts with a paintbrush, she discovered that she also liked abstract painting.  Simultaneously, her photography evolved into more non-figurative subjects, leading her to her current path.   Carin is mostly self-taught but has studied with Ake Arnerdal in Old Saybrook and has attended classes at the Guilford Art Center. 

The challenges and rewards of creating the photo illustrations for several books have further enriched her life.  She has contributed photographs to the works below:

“A Measure of Joy – Opening to the Energy of Reiki” by Gay Stinnett.
“Here After,” a book of poetry by Mary Volk
“Letters from Cornfield Point,” by Sally Ann D’Aquila
“Our Changing Environment,” Cover photo for Guilford Poet’s Guild 20th Anniversary Anthology

Artist Statement

In photography I’m now fascinated by anything from obscure details in nature to rust.  My adventures in painting usually start with my feelings about certain colors, all depending on my mood.  Inspiration comes mostly within.

As I grow older, do I see life as a pattern or am I searching for a pattern so that life will make more sense?