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Essex Art Association

Five Women Painting

 Exhibit runs October 6 - 9
A special exhibition at the Essex Art Association Gallery
A display of diverse technique, subject matter and style in a wide variety of mediums.
Gala Opening Party Friday October 6, 5 - 8 pm
The public is invited to free art demonstrations from 1:00 – 4:00 pm
with Janet Rayner on Saturday
Pam Carlson and Claudia Van Nes on Sunday
Exhibit Open Saturday and Sunday from noon - 5 pm
Monday from 11 am - 3 pm

Kathleen DeMeo will exhibit monotypes of imaginative landscapes and abstractions incorporating rich textures and color from three different series she’s working on. “Street Cred” features works with rectangles, squares and grids evoking cityscapes or urban street maps. Her “Many Moons” series focuses on pure geometric forms: circles on a square plane, and convey a range of moods and emotions: calming, spiritual, joyful, mysterious. Works in the “Apocalypse” series are largely monochromatic and highly energized. Kathleen sums up her work: “I’m primarily a printmaker and painter, but also a craftsperson and installation artist. I’m drawn to monotypes because they are a painterly form of printmaking that is used to create unique, one-of-a-kind works.”
Rosemary Cotnoir states, "I work predominately in the medium of oil and acrylic painting, but in the last seven years have ventured into stone carving but as a secondary medium.
The subjects I paint focus on the organic element in nature. I am interested in the patterns reflected in nature whether it is trees, stone, or plants.    
I work by sketching elements and make notes about color and light. Other times, relying on memory and intuition I start a dialogue with a blank canvas and apply paint without having any particular direction other than color and imagination.
If you look at the body of my work you might think my style is all over the place.  The only consistency is a nature theme.  I enjoy experimenting with different techniques, i.e. including swirls, dots, waves and other organic elements, sometimes going toward the abstract and other times introducing realism into the abstract.”

Pam Carlson will be doing a demonstration on Sunday from 1-4:00 using palette knives to create a 24x36 acrylic painting of a tree. While working she will be happy to answer questions from observers. At the Five Women Show Pam will have on display a completed palette knife painting of a tree, to illustrate how, though one might want to duplicate the subject, no two paintings are ever quite the same.
Pam Carlson’s will display a body of works in acrylics for the Five Women Painting exhibit. Her landscape subjects come from the Connecticut River and its estuaries to Buzzards Bay and also the Rocky Mountain lakes of Montana, many with its inspiring sunrises and sunsets. In Pam’s words, “As I person who grew up on a river and loves the sea, most of my paintings have water included them. Yes, it's a passion and with a paintbrush or palette knife I'm brought back to the sea and love every minute of putting it on canvas. So for my demo, I'm taking a departure from the water and using a tree as my main subject but it wouldn't surprise me if I didn't sneak a little water in some where.”
Janet Rayner’s artwork will be a new addition to the 2017 Essex Art Association Five Women Painting exhibit. As a self-taught artist she explores many mediums. Rayner plans to display works in oils, pastels, graphite, stone lithography and porcelain sculpture. Janet’s realistic renditions include figurative paintings, drawings and sculptures, portraits, sky-scapes and more imaginative work based on her dreams and visions.  She uses art as a vehicle for communicating the interplay of emotions, heart and psyche.
From 1-2:00 pm on Saturday Janet will be presenting a "draw along", where participants are invited to learn an easy way to draw a face. Drawing materials will be provided. This session requires no previous drawing experience and is a fun and empowering interactive. From 2-4:00 she will be working on a soft pastel painting and inviting an open discussion of use of materials, subject and technique.
Claudia Van Nes flits around in art, changing mediums and styles to an extent. This collection of her work will include paintings mainly done with pen and ink and watercolor, the most recent ones of flowers or fruits set on a patterned cloth that attempt to make the "background as dominant as the subject matter.”  She's also showing several very recent paintings in fluid acrylic that, in some cases, include hand-painted papers that also play with negative/positive space.
On Sunday afternoon Claudia will lead an informal sketch-along session from 1 to 2:30 p.m. when visitors can either watch her sketch a still life arranged from objects in the gallery or draw with her. Participants should bring a notebook, pencils, pens, watercolors, colored pencils or whatever they like to use. From about 2:30 to 4, Claudia will work on a larger pen and ink/watercolor and she'll chat about her method and particular, eccentric use of watercolors. Visitors can join the discussion.

For more information on the Five Women Painting Exhibit contact Claudia: