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Essex Art Association

Artwork Accepted to "Anything You Want" EAA 2017 Spring Juried Show

Name Title medium
Alex, Andria Voyage Dream  Oil
Bardenheuer, Lee Blue Saucer Oil
Bardenheuer, Lee Teapot & Fruit Oil
Bevington, Phyliss Cleome Oil
Brush, Fred Equinox Oil
Carlson, Pam A View From Above Acrylic
Carlson, Pam Perfect Day Acrylic
Castor, Polly Youth Symphony Monoprint Collage
Chamberland, Susan Tie Me Up Photography
Chamberland, Susan Outliers Photography
Cotnoir, Rosemary Red is the Color Acrylic
Cotnoir, Rosemary Surface Crack Oil
Crosby, Claire Islands Watercolor
Dalton, Jean Fragment Acrylic
DeMeo, Kathleen Electric Avenue Monotype
Didato, Sharon Leigh Renewal Mixed Media
Dolle, Elin Stay Off the Dunes Photography
Donovan, Tony Underneath the Basket Hoopfest 2016 Archival Print
Dunn, Carol Bayside - P-Town Altered Photo
Dunn, Carol New York City Altered Photo
Ellsworth, Bette Lilly Charcoal/Pastel
Ellsworth, Bette Dancers Charcoal/Pastel
Evarts, Betsey Moraine Trail Cloisonne Acrylic
Fenn, Andrea The Beginning Oil
Gaube, Ellen Steel Vines 1 Digital Photography
Gorrick, Dianne Drift Away Oil
Gray Wolf Estelle Photography
Gray Wolf Illusion Photography
Guagliumi, Arthur Ritual-Ancient Prey Acrylic-Collage
Guagliumi, Arthur Patas (Peruvian Terrace) Acrylic-Collage
Hedberg, Eric Mysteriorum Acrylic-Collage
Hedberg, Eric Untitled Mixed Media
Hedberg, Eric Ghost That Sells Memories Mixed Media
Hellerman, Leonard A Lone Pod Photography
Hellerman, Leonard A Rose Beyond Photography
Horrigan, Mary Hydrangea Watercolor
Imossi, Melissa Shining Bright Oil
Jacobik, Gray Neither Here Nor There Gouache
Keeley, Merrill Park Walk in the Rain Watercolor on Plaster
Kenny, Eileen Dragon Mask Acrylic
Knickerbocker, Ann The Four Truths of Buddhism I Mixed Media
Kreis, Luisa Privet Hedge Oil
Linley, Jayne Rough Shod Acrylic
Lucas, Sarah Stifler Encounter At Clyde's Oil
Margules, Howard Ecuador Mother and Child Photography
Matthew, Jill Beecher Last Rays of Day Oil
McDonald, Molly Soft Rain Oil
Mellot, Mary Barbizon Oak Graphite
Merriam, Anne Yellow & Blue #4 Pastel
Merriam, Anne Landers, WY Pastel
Morgan, Pamela White Orchids Watercolor
Morgan, Pamela Underwater Garden Watercolor
Morgan, Pamela Flight Watercolor
Nace, Sr. Maria Joseph Horticultually Spring Watercolor
Oates, Nancy Stacatto Archival Print
Oates, Nancy Repose Archival Print
Painten, Jim Kitchen Window Sill Photography
Panciera, H. L. Exit Reflected Mixed Media
Pasquinelli, Iacopo Guitar, Flutes & Strings Oil
Price, Peggy Two Acrylic
Puccio, Catherine Kitchen Corner Oil
Rayner, Janet The Breadth of Grace Pastel
Rayner, Janet Mistaken Identity Pastel
Roaldset, Carin Embedded Stone Photography
Roaldset, Carin Fibre Photography
Robinson, Brooke Spring Grazing Acrylic
Rolston, O. A. Environ Wood/Iron
Rossitto, Barbara St. Regis Falls Oil
Schirmeier, Beverly A Work of Art Pastel
Schulz, David Massachusetts #5 Oil
Sharrock, Juliet Deserted Collage
Sharrock, Juliet Aftermath  
Tellier, Lisa Beckoning Sepia Graphite
Tellier, Lisa Spring's Rush Oil
Van Nes, Claudia Outhouse and Barn Watercolor
Van Nes, Claudia Broccoli Watercolor
Van Nes, Claudia Among the Spruces Acrylic
Vaughn, Jill Tree Wave Mixed Media
Whiting, Holly Osprey Emerging Oxidized Metals
Whiting, Holly Smoky Mountain Path Oxidized Metals