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Essex Art Association

EAA Council Members
Chip Rutan, President
Pam Carlson, Vice-President
Peggy Price, Secretary

Barbara Morrissey, Treasurer
Elin Dolle, Member
Bob Gantner, Member
Ellen Gaube, Member
Susan Malan, Member
Peggy Price, Member

Kay Brigante
Janet Rayner
Co-Administrative Directors



Essex Corinthian Yacht Club  show!

An added Essex Art Association member benefit is the ability to exhibit at the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club (ECYC) located on the Connecticut River on Novelty Lane in Essex.
ECYC hosts 4 shows per year and uses the same financial sharing model in place at EAA and splits the 25% commission from all sales with the EAA. 

The pick up and drop off days for the next show are Friday June 23 from 5-7 p.m. and Saturday June 24th from 9-11 a.m. The guiding theme for the show is "All Things Summer.

It’s a wonderful place to exhibit and promotes greater exposure for EAA members’ art. 

For more information and/or 617-645-4392.

Up in the Attic Awards

The Exit Gallery Show Award: Pam EricksonHeaven Can Wait

The awarded artist will have a solo exhibit next season in our Exit Gallery.

Best in Show $350: Carol Dunn, Tribute

Best Interpretation of Theme $300: T. Willie Raney, Letter

Gantner Award $200:  Catherine Puccio, Sundays @ Grandma’s

Gantner Award $200:  J. R. Dill, Dubrovnik Evening

Lohman Award $200:  Leif Nilsson, The Studio Garden

Best in Watercolor $150:  Betsey Evarts, From Attic to Still Life

Best Abstract $125:  Gray Jacobik, Fantasme Escalier

Best Pastel $125:  Beverly A. Schirmeier, Three Little Pears

Best in Photography $125:  Chip Rutan, Patti

Best in Sculpture $125:  Eric Hedberg, Hidden View