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Hello Fellow Members,


Hoping your holidays are proving to be restful, and that you are doing well and looking forward to the year to come! It has been too long since we have been able to see each other. I would love to be talking with you at one of our receptions right now. We are hoping to open our doors wide this summer and exhibit your work in the gallery. To do that, we need to find funds; it’s been a tough year for many galleries, even ours.


We are asking you to please double-check to see if you have sent in your dues for 2021. The dues keep us going as artists, maintain our physical space and allow us to purchase everything from brochures to hammers and nails. Your annual active membership, which always begins with contributing your dues over the winter, is especially important this year. Our cashbox doesn’t have that pile of banknotes and checks from all your entry fees and sales, and our donations jar has sat idly by. And no-one has come by to eat the chocolates! To refresh your memory, here are the categories and their annual dues: a Supporting Member (you love us, but do not show work in the gallery) pays $35; an Associate Artist Member (most of our artists fit in here) pays $40; Elected Artists $50 and a Lifetime Elected Artist Member gives EAA $500, once. If you are unable, we do understand. But, if you are able, please do send in those checks! 


We are continuing with our virtual shows. Keeping a presence online is important this year! If you have not participated till now, think about joining in on this one. We are starting off this winter with a call to our artists to participate in an unusual exhibition, called “This One’s For Us.” (Because it is)! Normally, the gallery takes a percentage of the sales price, and the artist the rest, but, for this show, we are asking you to donate the full sale price back to the gallery. We are hoping for 1-3 works each, from as many of you as possible. Paintings and drawings should either be framed or on a wraparound canvas. Participating is easy! Send photos of your work to essexartct@gmail.comtogether with your name, email, title of work and size,medium and price. We will help with the transfer of artworks from the artists to the buyers. The money will go towards a great cause: our floor!


And once we have restored the ground beneath our feet, we can get to the fun part: 2021 will be Essex Art Association’s 75th year! We think we look younger than that, but we are so happy to have a cause to celebrate. The renovation of the floors of our gallery will be the focus of the money from your donated sales.  Imagine being able to look down and see a floor as beautiful as the works on our walls. The floor will be a major focus, but we want to find additional festive ways to ring in our 75th, and your ideas are welcome!


One last note: the gallery has been given a donation of 50+ frames, which are now arranged around the main room. They are free to any member who wants them. Email us and I will come and let you in to see them. Perhaps some of these can complete your donations for “This One’s For Us”!


Thank you for your dedication, your creativity, and your contributions to Essex Art!


Pam Carlson




The Essex Art Association is an active, welcoming organization. One of our goals is to provide exhibition opportunities for your artwork. 

If you are a member of EAA, you may submit your artwork for display in our gallery. Download a membership registration form here, fill it out and return it.


Essex Art Association is located at 10 North Main Street, Essex, CT

Mailing address:
Essex Art Association
PO Box 193
Essex, CT 06426

Essex Art Association exhibitions are funded with support from the Connecticut Office of the Arts


Check out our EAA Facebook page and share your work!


2020 GALLERY CLOSURE ANNOUNCEMENT:     We hope that by closing our doors in 2020, we are able to stay safe and regain momentum to reopen our doors in 2021. Moving forward, we plan to continue with virtual exhibitions. Please continue to visit our website, our Instagram and our Facebook.  We look forward to the day when we are all together supporting what we love to do in the name of Art!